Year 2 Final Project

Using my position as a “designer” and the catalyst of production in urban development, I began to develop my critical thinking in carrying on my research but on the new and local site of Dover Street, Mayfair. Quite close to Savile Row and Piccadilly, Dover Street presents a rich insight into the “High-brow” nature of Mayfair and an area I wish to utilise to its' maximum potential. Using hidden means of production and services as my central theme, the main task came down to investigating and developing a programme that would compliment and further my current research strain. 

Vault Space provides a tailored and unique service to its clientele. A secured and monitored storage facility for those in need of maximum security for their possessions. Using major precedents from bunker architecture, to pop culture and lm studies, Vault Space has undeniably become the impenetrable fortress on Dover Street.