Year 3 Final Project

“I wish our classroom could be on the beach.”


The concept of maritime is etched into the fabric of Canvey Island. Sailing and Yacht clubs, Marina workshops and the iconic Chapman Lighthouse still carry significance towards the identity of Canvey today. Traditional nautical themes still resonate around Canvey, yet over the years, the impact has diminished and now fades into obscurity. Marina-Ville will change that.

After conducting an engagement with the Canvey Community, a tile-making workshop for children on the beach, and a Quiz Night with the seniors of the local Rotary Club, from our interactions, it is clear there is a generational gap between the youth and seniors. Interviews conducted with the locals prove that there is tension between the age groups. Canvey Archiver Graham Stevens stated that,

“Despite efforts to engage with the youths, there is still an air of intimidation for us, the spikes in crimes committed by the young isn’t positive at all, yet their skills and ambition is something that never goes noticed or utilized. I believe something can be done to bridge this ever-widening gap.”

This proposal, Marina-Ville, aims to target the distancing generations and create a masterplan to regenerate the Marina environment by reviving a forgotten community. Island seniors can help share knowledge of craft and history, through construction and archiving, teaching new skills to engaged youths. In turn, youths will help maintain the area, through the management and development of new skills, helping run the area and preserve the “reviving” maritime tradition. This agenda aims to set up several spaces enforcing a generational bridge featuring a Lighthouse Archive, Tidal Pool Classrooms (extracting educational potential of the natural environment), Boat and Mechanical Workshops (providing jobs and opportunities such as apprenticeships), surrounded by Tidal Social Spaces, using submersible structures to help link both the land and the sea. The Lighthouse Archive, a permanent space for Canvey Islander’s to aid the chronicling of traditional history, this building being rooted in maritime practice, is maintained by the shared responsibility of Marina- Ville members. The proposal will offer a contemporary and feasible solution to renovating the existing run-down area of Oyster Creek and breathe a new life back into the Marina. Focusing on The Point of Canvey Island, the proposal will address making and learning within a natural and artificial landscape.