LVMH "LIFE" 25th Anniversary Installation

Competition Entry [RUNNER UP]

“The Living Monument - Naturally Luxurious”

Luxury is no longer simply about the rarest materials, their elegance and their expense. It has developed into mindful luxury. Designing our proposal, we understand that a highend sustainable consciousness has developed as our effecton the natural world has become more apparent. In this new paradigm the end product is judged not on what it is but on the process of how it came to be. It becomes paramount to protect the essence, strength and beauty of the natural product. Our Living Monument Naturally Luxurious, celebrates the LIFE of each product, and congratulates

LVMH on its commitment so far.

We want to promote the sustainable, luxurious soul of LVMH. This will be achieved through eight cylindrical installations. Every column tells the story of how each Maison honours the LIFE program. This story is literally told though the materials that are protected and used. Together the eight columns make a living monument.It lives in two ways, firstly because the LIFE program is onlyas relevant as its employees’ persistent commitment to it, illustrated as they walk amongst the cylinders. Secondly, each cylinder is literally alive and will change and grow over time.