End of Year 2 Exhibition

Stage 2 students decided to take up the challenge of designing, constructing and managing their own end of year exhibition. A process that took three months of preparation and collaboration, this was a fitting end to a highly collaborative and driven year. With the help of the Students Union and guidance from tutors, Stage 2 Students structured themselves into teams that allowed them to exercise their particular skills. The Exhibition Team concentrated on event organisation, construction and designing which allowed the year group to gather behind a clear set of ideas and produce a fully formed and functional exhibition space within just one week. The space, located in Bethnal Green, provided numerous challenges for the year to consider, such as transportation and construction on an off-campus site. The stretched and narrow space proved to be a huge challenge for the year to include everyone’s work—we are proud that we managed to do is with an exhibition design was tuned to the existing space and constructed from materials re-used from the recent Fine Art end of year Degree Show. The space provided an intimate and close environment that triggered interaction and conversation which allowed the opening night to be an incredible success that welcomed over two hundred visitors.